Spring back, Ukraine

The Russo-Ukrainian war started in 2014 and continued with a full-blown Russian invasion in 2022. As many Ukrainians bravely defend their land against the occupants, they urgently need our support. Our mission is not to purchase arms, but rather provide technology, protective gear, medical supplies, and ammunition to help save countless lives.

Tactical first aid kits


200 trauma kits, 400 tourniquets, 200 hemostatic bandages

Army pickup trucks


2 pick-up trucks for Ukrainian territorial defense patrol units

Freshly recruited national guard and territorial defense volunteers are least equipped and in most dire need of supplies to protect their cities and towns from the invaders. Civil doctors become combat medics and go into battle without proper protection and military-grade medical supplies. During the war we will supply volunteer groups that are often overlooked by the larger organizations and state logistic systems. Here's how >>> 

Our help will only get stronger after the much needed peace comes. Using our wide network of experts in civil architecture and urban planning we'll help rebuild schools and kindergartens, hospitals and homes, parks and critical infrastructure to give Ukrainian children a new beginning, and help them recover from this inhumane war. Here's our plan >>>


Our fearless leader, PR and media director. Bachelor in History, “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”, Former journalist and editor with major news agencies (, ЛІГА.net, UNIAN, Ukranews, RIA Novosti, Reuters). Currently an executive pastry chef at several restaurants in Massachusetts. Working with wide range of clients and food vendors, connections with celebrity chefs in Ukraine.

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Our IT director with 20 years experience in building web applications, running technology in a number of startups in different spaces, including e-commerce, social media and big data analytics.

Olexy has Master's Degree in Computer Science from Kyiv Mohyla Academy.


Out financial director with over three decades of experience in business management and operations, regulatory accounting, and compliance—both in Ukraine and the United States. Sergiy has Master's Degree in Accounting from Kyiv State University of Economics as well as Master of Science Degree in Applied Mathematics from Kyiv State University.


Our creative and business development director. Master of Business Administration, Kyiv University of Tourism, Economics and Law, human experience designer at various Fortune 500 companies, speaker and writer with extensive background in Ukrainian media space, architecture and urban planning.