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Rebuild Ukraine

We build schools and neighborhoods for Ukrainian communities destroyed by the war. Our innovative urban planning strategy helps reinvigorate and transform Ukrainian towns into sustainable, eco-friendly and modern urban spaces.

Our flagship project is rebuilding the biggest school in Mykolaiv, in southern Ukraine destroyed by the war. In direct collaboration with the city's administration and Mykolaiv's chief architect, we're not just rebuilding it—we're transforming it into a modern energy-saving facility focused on teaching the kids the basics of agriculture, ecology and sustainable living.

Why we will succeed

Reinvigorating the Community


This is the biggest school in Mykolaiv located in one of its largest housing districts, which is mostly destroyed as well. Rebuilding it will allow families to start repopulating the district and restart normal life. 

Protecting the kids from harm


The war isn't over — so our school will have the biggest bomb shelter in the city, capable of protecting both kids and staff. When there's no threat the space can be utilized as a community events venue.

Restoring the environment


Our school will be energy-saving up to A0 green standard due to innovative engineering and recycled materials. Restoring Ukraine's ecology after the biggest eco-disaster in decades will be critical in the coming years.

Nurturing the grower generation


Ukraine's South provides food supplies for the entire world. Our school will be uniquely equipped to focus on agriculture and prepare the kids for future careers in the agricultural industry, biology and more.

Top quality architecture


We're collaborating with one of the best award-winning architects in Ukraine, Anna Kyrii. Her unique expertise focuses on modern schools, kindergartens and community spaces.


Our vision

Our non-profit restores more than bricks and mortar; we're rebuilding futures. By revitalizing this school, we're not only providing a safe haven for learning but also paving the way for families to return to a semblance of normalcy.

Together, we can turn the tide of despair into a wave of opportunity. With your support, we can breathe life back into this community, one classroom at a time. Join us in rebuilding more than just a school; join us in rebuilding hope.



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