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Rebuild Ukraine

We build neighborhoods for Ukrainian communities destroyed by the war. We're developing an innovative urban planning strategy to reinvigorate and transform small Ukrainian villages into vibrant and modern urban spaces.

We are not just rebuilding Ukraine to its pre-war state—we want to transform private housing in small towns and villages of rural Ukraine. We believe that comfortable modern homes should be affordable and flexible. They adapt and evolve with their inhabitants. As their families grow and life circumstances change, so will our unit.

Urban planning

We’ve developed an innovative urban planning and renovation strategy to restore and evolve small Ukrainian communities into striving European towns with excellent investment potential—starting with the Hostomel Territorial Community in Kyiv Oblast—a place of decisive battle to defend Kyiv.

Modular housing

We’ve worked with numerous suppliers and architects and landed on two promising project concepts: iWHome and Unit[e] by Aranchii Architects. After months of iterations, we’ve created a final modular home project that can be effectively produced and delivered at scale.


We have established continuous collaboration and signed memorandums with official institutions to make our vision a reality: Kyiv Oblast State Administration, Hostomel District Military Administration, National Union of Architects of Ukraine, and Kyiv National University of Building and Architecture.

Our supply projects

Tactical gear

We've purchased, shipped and delivered thousands of supplies for over 20 Ukrainian brigades and military units—soldiers, volunteers and combat medics.

Humanitarian aid

We've collected and shipped over 1500 lbs of humanitarian supplies for Ukrainian kids and families: clothing, books for children, and other supplies.



worth of supplies delivered


tourniquets, IFAKs, hemostatic bandages and other supplies


drones, tactical laptops and trucks


Ukrainian brigades and military units supplied

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