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Hostomel renovation

As a part of our “Rebuild Ukraine” international partnership program we're raising funds to rebuild critical infrastructure in Hostomel, Ukraine. The program is designed to address the urgent needs of the community in the wake of war with a focus on rebuilding housing, schools, kindergartens, medical facilities, and other critical infrastructure.

This project focuses on the village of Moshchun in Kyiv Oblast—a place of decisive battle to defend the capital of Ukraine. Schools, kindergartens, churches, shops, 921 out of 1160 residential houses and over 70% of infrastructure are completely destroyed or damaged beyond repair. 

Our first priority renovation projects:

  • kindergarten for Hostomel children

  • new residential housing district

  • veteran rehabilitation clinic

  • recreational park area with a memorial to defenders

Our team works in close collaboration with multiple government and commercial partners.

Urban Planning


raised for urban planning and modular housing projects


blueprints and project plans developed


memorandums signed with administration

Project gallery

Meet the families

Tetyana Topal

This house (128,4 sq.m.) was home to Tetyana Topal (1967), her son Mykola Topal (1990) and her daughter-in-law. It was completely destroyed due to russian shelling and is unfit for living.

Tereschenko Iryna

This building (68,7 sq.m.) hosted Iryna Tereschenko (1993), her daughter (2022), and her husband Olexandr (1995), who's currently fighting in the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The house was completely destroyed due to russian shelling and is unfit for living.

Olexandr Yuschenko

This large family inhabited three houses (~400 sq.m. total). Now homeless are Olexandr Yuschenko (1971), his wife Vira (1963), daughter Yuliya (2005), his mother Olha (1935), sister Zablokutska Nadiya (1959) and her son Vladyslav Oliynyk (1990). All three houses are completely destroyed by russian shelling.

Olena Gonchar

Gonchar family, Olena (1983) and Volodymyr (1958) had a large and beutiful house (192 sq.m.). It is now completely destroyed due to russian shelling and is unfit for living.

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