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Supply troops

With the help of our wide network of connections among Ukrainian Armed Forces and volunteers on the ground we're making sure your donations serve the most important and urgent needs of the army. Together with our like-minded partners from Denys Evdokymenko Foundation (UA), 911 PC Help (USA), Polubotok Treasury (UA) and Our Battalion (UA) we make sure 100% of your tax-deductible money are spent right.

Recon Equipment (126)
Recon Equipment (126)
Batteries and tires (128)
Batteries and tires (128)
Charging station (128)
Charging station (128)
Car repair (241)
Car repair (241)

38th Marine, 43rd Artillery, 53rd Mechanized, 54th Mechanized, 56th Motorized, 58th Motorized, 59th Motorized, 67th Mechanized, 68th Jaeger, 72nd Mechanized, 77th Airmobile, 93rd Mechanized, 96th Anti-Air, 108th Territorial Defence, 113rd Territorial Defence, 115th Mechanized, 118th Territorial Defense, 128th Mountain Assault, 241st Territorial Defense, Special Operations Forces, National Guard



worth of supplies delivered


tourniquets, IFAKs, hemostatic bandages and other supplies


drones, tactical laptops and trucks


Ukrainian brigades and military units supplied

Battle-tested sniper suits

A different kind of suit for your night out

We manufacture and sell modern, affordable, adaptable and customizable ghillies. First built in 2004 for Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom, our suit has been constantly battle-tested and improved for the past 20 years. 

We use our deep network of local connections on the ground to receive and prioritize calls for supplies in real-time from Ukrainian territorial defense teams, medics and national guard.

We raise funds through our friends, corporate donors, local community events and social media engagement, then source certified equipment and supplies.

Our unique value proposition is providing overseas air shipping and routing using our established and licensed logistic channels.

We stay in direct communication with the volunteers on the ground in Ukraine to make sure supplies reach specific teams we’re supplying.

We facilitate media and social coverage to share the stories of human resilience and compassion in the wake of war.

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