Supply troops

We use our deep network of local connections on the ground to receive and prioritize calls for supplies in real-time from Ukrainian territorial defense teams, medics and national guard.

We raise funds through local community events and social media engagement, then source certified equipment and supplies.

We manage routing and shipping this humanitarian help overseas using established and licensed logistic channels.

We stay in direct communication with the volunteers on the ground in Ukraine to make sure supplies reach specific teams we’re supplying.

We facilitate media and social coverage to share the stories of human resilience and compassion in the wake of war.

Tactical gear

We've purchased, shipped and delivered over 1000 tactical tourniquets, 100 individual first aid kits (IFAKs), pick-up trucks, boots, and additional medical gear to Ukrainian soldiers and combat medics.

Humanitarian aid

We've collected and shipped over 1500 lbs of humanitarian supplies for Ukrainian kids and families: clothing, books for children, and other supplies.

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