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Hi, we're from Ukraine

We're a group of Americans who were born and raised in Ukraine. Each of us has deep roots in Ukrainian culture, each of us has hundreds of friends and connections on the ground in Ukraine who can help with our mission: receive and prioritize calls for help in real-time, navigate logistics and local legislation, provide media support and access to government and local officials.


Our fearless leader, PR and media director. Bachelor in History, “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”, Former journalist and editor with major news agencies (, ЛІГА.net, UNIAN, Ukranews, RIA Novosti, Reuters). Currently an executive pastry chef at several restaurants in Massachusetts. Working with wide range of clients and food vendors, connections with celebrity chefs in Ukraine.


Sergiy Pilipovskiy

Our financial director with over three decades of experience in business management and operations, regulatory accounting, and compliance—both in Ukraine and the United States. Sergiy has Master's Degree in Accounting from Kyiv State University of Economics as well as Master of Science Degree in Applied Mathematics from Kyiv State University.


Our creative and business development director. Master of Business Administration, Kyiv University of Tourism, Economics and Law, human experience designer at various Fortune 500 companies, speaker and writer with extensive background in Ukrainian media space, architecture and urban planning.

olexy avatar_edited.jpg

Our IT director with 20 years experience in building web applications, running technology in a number of startups in different spaces, including e-commerce, social media and big data analytics.

Olexy has Master's Degree in Computer Science from Kyiv Mohyla Academy.

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